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Read for a Healthy Life

Learn how to improve your health! Achieve Solutions is an easy resource to use and has over 200 topics that relate to a healthy life.
I choose to learn how to improve my health!

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Eat Better for a Healthy Life

You only get one body.  Feed it well.  Eating healthy is vital to your well-being.
I choose a healthy body!

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Increase Your Energy and Fitness

You can put more purpose and movement into your day. You can and you will do it!  Fitness is important for better focus, overall joy, and reduced depression.
I choose fitness!

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Fighting Depression

When you have depression, it can affect every area of your life.  There is treatment to help you. Talk with your Care Coordinator, PCP, or Counselor today!  Depression can be treated.  Decide to enjoy life again.
I choose to enjoy life again!

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Sleep Better, Live Better

When you sleep better, you live better.  You will be more refreshed.
I choose to get more sleep!

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Control your Stress

It is very common for people to have stress.  Sometimes you may need to take a time out, breathe deeply, or meditate.
I choose to be calm!

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Healthy Ways to Weight Loss

When you manage your weight, you will boost your health.
I choose to lose weight!

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Winning Against Cancer

You may be overwhelmed if you get diagnosed with cancer.  It is important to receive support.  Talk with your mental health center, PCP, or Care Coordinator for help.
I choose to ask for support today!

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Break the Habit

When you choose to give up an alcohol or drug habit, you have a sense of victory!
I choose to give up my habit!

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Got Teeth?

Better teeth, better health.
I choose to care for my teeth!

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Family Planning

How to choose if or when to become pregnant or to become a parent.
I choose to learn more about family planning today!



Sleep Better, Live Better

Healthy Ways to Weight Loss

Break the Habit

Family Planning

You can find information on family planning by creating an account on Colorado PEAK or downloading the app on your phone. You can find out about free birth control options as a Health First Colorado member. Simply go to benefits and click Family Planning.