If you want any information on this website sent to you in paper form, please call us at 888-502-4185. We will send it to you for free within five (5) working days.

As our Member, you can ask for information in large print, Braille, other formats or languages, or to be read aloud.  You can also request American Sign Language for your treatment needs.  These services are free.  You can call 888-502-4185 to request these services. For TDD/TTY, call 800-432-9553 or the State Relay 711 for help in contacting us.  These calls are free.

Welcome to Health Colorado’s website. If you have Health First Colorado and live in one of the nineteen (19) counties that Health Colorado serves, you qualify for physical and behavioral health services.

In Colorado, Medicaid is called Health First Colorado.  Every Health First Colorado Member belongs to a regional organization that manages their physical and behavioral health care.  Health Colorado is a regional organization and supports a network of providers to make sure Members can access care in a coordinated way.

Have you moved?  Please contact your local Department of Human Services to make sure you receive updated information.  Here is the link to find out the phone number in your county.