What is a regional organization

In Colorado, Medicaid is called Health First Colorado.  Every Health First Colorado Member belongs to a regional organization that manages their physical and behavioral health care.  Health Colorado is a regional organization and supports a network of providers to make sure Members can access care in a coordinated way.

Your PCP is your main contact for all your health care. They can answer questions you have about your benefits and help you get the care you need.  Health First Colorado will assign you to a PCP, but you can choose another in-network provider at any time.  You will be assigned a regional organization that your PCP works with.  Your regional organization can also help you use your physical and behavioral health benefits and can help connect you to providers.  Below is Health Colorado’s region:

Colorado regional organization Region 4 - Health Colorado

Health Colorado’s Role

  • Improve Member health, wellness and life outcomes
  • Promote Member choice and engagement
  • Join physical and behavioral health benefits
  • Strengthen coordination of services through team-based care and health neighborhoods
  • Provide cost-effective health care services that deliver outcomes
  • Pay providers for the increased value they deliver to our members